Affiliate Opportunity

You are a web designer, a business coach, a service provider to amazing entrepreneurs.

You want to make it easy for your clients to get the strong legal foundations you believe they need... & making some extra money for promoting products you believe in sounds like a win-win situation.

I provide quality legal document DIY Packs that support micro-businesses and entrepreneurs to write effective Contracts that Care™ and Website Legals in their own words.

I believe in business legals that come from the heart, prioritise connection without compromising protection, set brave boundaries and promote clarity and mutual understanding.

Perhaps we can help each other!

Are you are aware of me and my DIY Legal Packs and feel your clients would benefit? Perhaps you have personally used and loved one of my products? Maybe you are one of the beautiful people who already refer their clients to me?

It is time to share the love!

My affiliate program is now open for applications. Of course, there are some terms and conditions! Make sure you read them before applying...

I am a strong believer in empowering people to DIY many of the basic legal needs for their business so they are not left without strong foundations simply because they happen to have more time than money. I also believe that generic templates are not the best or only DIY solution. There are thousands of generic templates out there and I wanted to create an alternative – a way for people to use their own language and deep knowledge of their business to craft their own legal documents in the language of connection that their clients deserve and expect from them. In this way, their legal documents become an integral element at the heart of their business, rather than being something artificially tacked on because they think they “should” have them.

Is this what your clients need?

I prefer to begin by meeting with my prospective affiliates to ensure that they are in alignment with my values and vision for my business and that they have a thorough understanding of the limitations of my DIY products. If you would like to apply as an affiliate, please book your 15 minute affiliate enrolment interview where you will have a chance to ask me any questions and we can check we are a good fit.

Perhaps you are a bit sceptical about my claims and you want to know more about what is involved. I congratulate you on your risk management skills!

I use my own DIY Packs to create the legal documents that I use in my own business. Check out my Website Terms and Conditions and my Privacy Policy. These were both created using my own DIY Packs.

Legal documents can be friendly and fun!

The most important details...

As my affiliate, you will be given a personalised affiliate link that your clients can use when they purchase a DIY Pack from me...

You will receive 10% commission on each DIY Pack purchased using your affiliate link...

In order to generate a commission, a client must:

~ use your affiliate link to make the purchase through my website.

~ pay for the DIY Pack upfront, either through PayPal or EFT.

~ not request a refund within 7 days of their purchase.

All the other information you need is in the Affiliate Agreement.

I look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you!

Affiliate Showcase

Meet just some of my wonderful affiliates:

Tammy Guest

It’s my mission to amplify your value as a natural health practitioner so that you can go out there and activate change for your clients, yourself and the world.

Gill Stannard

As a business mentor & naturopath, I believe when we work in alignment with our values we create satisfying and successful lives and businesses.

Samantha Gemmell

I work with health practitioners and healers who want to nail their marketing and content game without feeling icky or inauthentic!

I provide gold standard, globally recognised, evidence based training programs to transform intuition into intuitive intelligence.

Natasha Berta

I help business owners understand their individual marketing needs, so they can connect with their ideal clients, increase their impact and change more lives.

Deborah Ricketts

As the Versatile VA, I am your very own professional business collaborator to action tasks you don’t have time for or can’t do yourself.

Julia Jones

I provide online, global, transformative, evidence-based training for postpartum professionals, taking a holistic approach to supporting new mothers.

I create beautiful websites that engage and connect with your ideal clients. My style is soft, flowy and grounded and I spend a lot of time choosing images that align with your branding and mission.

Corin Hinderegger

I bring clarity and flow to successful women who are at a crossroads in their life, so they can embody their soul's purpose and come home within.

Cindy Kennedy

I help families navigate Hashimoto's naturally through diet, lifestyle and nutritional support, and assist with creating a healthy, inclusive & fulfilled future for our children.

I am an online naturopath and herbalist focused on infertility, pregnancy, IVF and reproductive disorders.

Sheree Foley

I am a celebrant performing marriages & funerals on the mid North Coast of NSW. (Sheree is also the amazing business manager and essential right hand gal behind the scenes of Carefree Counsel!)

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