Collaborate with Confidence

Trust begins with understanding.

Connection and collaboration is a topic that I am passionate about. I love the synchronicity of bringing together different but complimentary skills, talents and ideas to create something greater than an individual could bring into being, working alone.

The buzz of bouncing ideas of each other and having the opportunity to debrief with someone who totally gets you, the built-in support and accountability… collaboration really lights me up and I know I am not alone here!

Have you ever thought about your collaboration from a legal perspective though? When you are riding the wave of inspired connection, very few people stop to think about where their boundaries are in relation to this new relationship they are forming, to clarify what they expect to get out of it and what their obligations are beyond the basic to-do list, or to consider what kind of existence this relationship has in a legal sense.

It is essential to get clarity around what success looks like for you - and how you will untangle the relationship if you need to go your separate ways - while you are still in the honeymoon period. 

$440 AUD including GST for a 60 minute online call where we can explore the nuts and bolts of your new relationship.


Here are some of the ways this consultation can bring clarity to you and your collaborators:

Choosing the appropriate legal structure

Understanding the differences between the various legally recognised relationship types, assessing their pros and cons, and making a conscious choice around how to structure your collaborative relationship in a way that suits your values and vision is a very important first step.


Business and strategic goals

Every collaboration needs an objective – an end goal. Think about what you are working towards. In every collaborative relationship, there will be shared goals and individual goals. The goals for each party may be different from the shared goals for the collaborative relationship, and it is important to get clarity on this before you leap into working together.


Skills, resources and power dynamics

When these elements are out of balance, resentment is more likely to arise - unless you take the time to clearly acknowledge the reasons for the disparity and make solid plans that feel fair to everyone involved about how their contributions will be respected and rewarded. Successful collaborations are based on mutual dependency and mutual accountability.


The nitty gritty details

While the big picture dreaming is fun and exciting, your ultimate success depends on clarity around who will do what, where the money will come from and how rewards will be shared, who owns what and how that ownership will be untangled at the end of the relationship, what each party's rights and obligations are... The biggest cause of breakdown in a collaborative relationship is lack of communication, so get this right, right from the start.

This is a 60 minute "Collaborate with Confidence" consultation which costs AU$440.

I invoice after the consultation - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Come alone, or bring your collaborative partners.


Every negative thought one could have about lawyers is the polar opposite of what Michelle is. I instantly adored her and totally trust her, which is rare for me to do with someone I had not met or worked with before.

Marilou Combe

Orchestrate Consulting

After negative responses in the past, I really appreciate that Michelle’s approach to legals creates agreements that are easy to understand for my clients and business contacts, especially at the crucial point of developing a new relationship.

Leah Kearns


When starting our new business, we were super grateful that we invested in Michelle’s expertise. Our transition from sole trader to company was much smoother because of her help.

Jules Galloway

Parkes Ave Dispensary

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Enjoy dreaming about collaborative possibilities, but want to be careful too?

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