Custom Contract Drafting

Creating contracts that care no matter how complex the relationship.

Whether you are ready to licence your intellectual property, expand your team with a subcontractor or casual employee, jump into a joint venture or enter into any other kind of business relationship where you care about communicating with clarity, a custom drafted contract will enable you to prepare for potential problems and set your endeavour up for success. This is the service you need for any kind of contract that I haven't created a DIY Pack for!

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Here's how a custom drafted contract benefits you, your business & your clients:

Manage responsibilities

If a relationship is going to go well, everyone involved needs to know exactly what they have agreed to do. Avoid confusion and misunderstanding with a clear description of the duties involved, so no one is left guessing what they need to do.


Protect against problems

You have invested time and effort into setting up a relationship in a way that works for everyone involved, but no matter how careful you are, you can't foresee every possible thing that could go wrong. Set up a fair dispute resolution procedure so that no matter what happens, you all know what the next steps are.


Mutually beneficial boundaries

Each of the parties to a contract needs to be giving value to the other. Put a system in place to guard against scope creep, ensure work is delivered in an acceptable time frame, and to secure prompt payment for services rendered. 


Keep confidentiality

If you are sharing confidential information about your businesses, or even more importantly - about other people, such as clients - then confidentiality provisions are vitally important. Ownership of intellectual property may also be a concern.

Would you like an example of how comprehensive, clear, caring and professional your contract could be?


All contracts are presented in your branding, using your logo, fonts and colours.

If you have any questions - or if you know you are ready to go ahead - please book in a free 30 minute call so we can discuss what you need and I can provide you with a quote depending on the length and complexity of the document, and how many consultations I anticipate we will need to get the information out of your head and into mine. I will almost always quote a fixed fee, as that way we both have certainty around how much it will cost, and I can focus on doing a good job without having to watch the clock. 

Ready to discuss your needs?

My drafting services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed - I will keep working on your document until you tell me you are totally happy with it - then I will send you my invoice and a request for a testimonial. If you request a payment plan (which I am always happy to offer) your first payment will be invoiced after our instruction interview, but I will still keep working on your document until we are both certain it can't get any better.

For an indication of pricing - see the VIP Upgrade option on my DIY Packs.

Michelle was interested to really get a feel for how my business operated and what was needed to deliver something not only I could work with easily, but our clients would find easy to read and absorb. Michelle’s guidance in looking at possible outcomes was invaluable.

Lisa Follows

Bella Curtains & Soft Furnishings

Michelle exceeded our expectations. She demonstrated her professional knowledge but also an exceptional understanding of our industry. Her thorough research and dedication to her work produced easy to read and polished documents for our customers.

Eric Fernance

Simple Clinic

I had many questions about working with different countries in regard to consultations and online products and what legal risks came with that. Michelle explained it all to me really thoroughly and has provided me with the right clauses in my legal documents.

Joanne Kennedy


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