Good Governance: Wise Management is Key to Small Business Success

May 8, 2016

As business owners we put a lot of effort into the start up phase. We are encouraged to charge forward and create the business of our dreams without stopping to worry about whether we have all of our ducks in a row. In fact, most coaches sensibly advocate a lean start-up model and will tell you not to concern yourself with these details until you have got yourself established.

What comes next for your business?

You have made it through the start-up phase successfully. You have found your zone of genius and you have clients who love you. You are starting to think about other products you can add, attracting even more clients, expanding into new markets. Your heart is saying that you are ready to take the leap from amateur to professional, but there is something holding you back.

This lovely castle of dreams that you have built feels unstable. You are worried that in your hurry to start-up, you may have built on shaky ground – but how do you find out? You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

It is time to implement some wise management strategies to ensure that you have solid foundations under your business to support all of your big plans and wildest dreams. I have taken the techniques and processes used by big corporations and reverse engineered them for the needs of brave-hearted entrepreneurs.

Good Governance & Wise Management

This is no superficial band-aid solution, and I won’t be asking you to delve into worst case scenarios or trying to sell you my legal services. It is my mission to guide you through processes that provide serious self-care for your business and empower you to take on the world. We will playfully, joyfully and creatively implement techniques with big boring or scary sounding names like good governance, risk management and workflow processes.

Governance is simply the process of making and implementing decisions. Good governance means having thoughtful, conscious processes and systems in place to guide your decision-making. Risk management means unpacking your “what ifs” and sorting out the limiting beliefs from the real world dangers that actually need you to take action. Mapping your workflow processes gives you a huge efficiency boost by helping you automate repetitive tasks and prepare for effective delegation as you enlarge your team by taking on a VA or other assistance.

By engaging in this process you will become a more confident and competent decision-maker, honing that essential entrepreneurial skill of making decisions quickly and changing them slowly. You will also thoroughly explore the environment in which you operate, create a formal business plan around your unique mission, vision and values, and improve your service and delivery to be the best it can be.

How I can help…

If this topic interests you, you might like to read more about my signature risk management program, Castle Quest. All of the benefits of traditional risk management and good governance, with none of the boredom.

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