Ilka and Jo – The Awakened Parent

July 29, 2020

To our favourite lawyer Michelle Marie Whitehead. 

We love this brilliant woman for many reasons.


  • Magical backdrop
  • Love of unicorns
  • Imagination and use of language
  • Commitment to working on herself
  • Dedication to her kids
  • Understanding of lots of cool legal stuff
  • Understanding of start up and growing online businesses
  • Understanding of how deep and vulnerable change work can be

You would have to go a very very long way to find a lawyer with this same breadth of knowledge, skills and insanely good value when it comes to working with people in the alternative health arena. If we didn’t have Michelle to work with, we wouldn’t know where else to go. We needed someone with an intricate knowledge of our field and an ability to speak our language. We now feel extremely comfortable that we have created a safe container for our clients moving forward.

If you have been thinking of anything at all to do with your business boundaries or legal requirements, please check out Michelle’s services.

We give her five purple maned unicorns for service, professionalism and understanding exactly what we needed!!!!


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