Kris Emery – Author

January 18, 2019

I came to Michelle for advice about an awkward client I was dealing with. Michelle helped me completely reframe the urgency and difficulty of the problem. She helped me realise that I could let go of my attachment to getting the situation resolved immediately and that calmed my agitation. She really helped me step back and view the bigger picture.

Michelle also gave me perspective, pointing out that this situation may not get solved or go my way. And I recognised that that’s okay. A solution doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I went from trying to control the outcome to more open-minded about there being many paths I could take.  Overall, I felt that Michelle provided me an alternative to getting all legal on them!

Michelle can help you walk the path between your problem and the full-on legal approach. She focuses on helping everyone get a good outcome and can lift you out of any combative situations into a peaceful resolution or graceful way to move forward.

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