Leah Kearns – WE-Being

April 22, 2019

My biggest concerns about using Michelle’s DIY service were that it would feel too overwhelming to complete it by myself. What happened instead was that the guidance given was clear, helpful and made the process very easy to express exactly what it was that I wanted to convey.

Having the coworking support session really helped me to commit and get the work completed as well as ask a couple of questions about the context of what I was trying to say. I really appreciate that Michelle’s approach to legals creates agreements that are easy to understand for my clients and business contacts, especially at the crucial point of developing a new relationship. After having bad reactions to my old over-litigious contracts before in new business relationships, working with Michelle’s thoughtfully designed and worded contracts actually bring me joy to send them out, which was very refreshing.

I’d also highly recommend working directly with Michelle for more complex contracts, as she takes the time to create agreements that feel like they are worded in every-day language that is easy for everyone to understand. She ensures that all little questions, or niggles you have are covered off during a comprehensive meeting to discuss the details of what you are after and then you have complete confidence knowing that you’ll get what you need as she creates the agreement for you. What’s then crafted is an agreement that is powerful for both people to know where they stand in the relationship but also simple to understand.

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