Learning for Leaders

Embrace your sovereign power.

Insightful, relevant DIY workshops for service-based business owners.

In this mini-course, you will begin to align your business with a deep understanding and trust in your values and vision. I teach you the importance of setting up your business as a separate entity to support you in achieving your goals, and encourage you to make a firm commitment to integrity, best practice and your personal ideal of professional responsibility.


In this mini-course, you will cover all the essential legal elements of a business. You will explore your consumer law obligations and how to handle refunds, website legals and privacy policies. You will learn about intellectual property, including business names, trade marks, copyright & trade secrets, and you will learn about client service agreements, looking at when they are needed, what they cover, and how to get them signed.


On completion of this mini-course, you will have improved your business safety, upgraded your client care processes and reduced the likelihood of conflict arising, all of which are essential to your well-being as a business owner. Find out how  how having confidence in your values and vision assists you in attracting ONLY your ideal client while discouraging those more likely to trample your boundaries.

If you are considering a collaborative business relationship, it is essential that you clarify the details required to reduce misunderstandings and set yourselves up for success. Before you can truly trust each other, you need to build mutual understanding. This workbook will walk you through all the important questions that you need to have considered and talked about if you want to enter into a collaboration that is capable of making your big dreams come true.