Meet the lawyer who works in fairyland!

Making best practice EASY & FUN for brilliant business owners.

I'm so glad you've found me. I'm Michelle Whitehead, the founder of Carefree Counsel.

My mission is to support you - from a heartspace of love and connection - to create firm business foundations.
I mentor you in wise management & best practice, so that you can build a legacy as the leader you were destined to be.

I work with businesses that don't fit in boxes: the change-makers, the rebels, the healers, the visionaries.
The ones who colour outside the lines. The ones who want to tame dragons & ride unicorns into the sunset. 

You deserve to stand strong as the confident, empowered, compassionate business owner you are destined to be, 
and your clients deserve the clarity, certainty and consistency they get when you caringly communicate your bold boundaries.

Are you building a business that supports the lifestyle you love,
without sacrificing yourself, your integrity, or your relationship with your clients?

I'd love to meet you.
Let's chat about how I can help!

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Tamala Ridge

Intuitive Addictions Specialist

Gosh – I NEVER thought I would say that I actually LOVE a contract. But I actually do. This feels incredibly safe, nurturing, respectful and has so much integrity. Love Love Love It!

I adored working with Michelle. She has a very unique way of blending traditional legal work with the sacred, creating agreements which feel heartfelt and are based on client connection.

Sigourney Weldon

Soma Mystica

Mel Hanley

Simple Wellness Myotherapy

Michelle made the MOST kind, caring contract that made sure that both myself and my subcontractors are well looked after and have clear boundaries and responsibilities.

Michelle possesses a wealth of knowledge and considers every possible variable. From the beginning, Michelle's support, compassion, thoroughness and attention to detail has made my life so easy!  

Ricci-Jane Adams

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

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