Collaborate with Confidence Workbook

$27.50 inc GST

Are you planning an amazing collaboration with like-minded business owners? Perhaps you have been in one for a while, and now the concept has proven successful, it is starting to look like a more serious, long-term endeavour?

In order for a collaboration to be successful in the long term, it is essential that you have some deep discussions to give the relationship its best chance of success. Even if you all act with total integrity, you can be blindsided by the unexpected, so taking a moment to clear away mistaken assumptions, clarify expectations, consider legal ramifications and set up structures, boundaries and contingency plans is CRUCIAL. I have helped disentangle too many damaged business relationships and heard too many people say “I wish I’d thought about that before now” not to want to give you a heads-up in the honeymoon stage.

That is why I have created my Collaborate with Confidence workbook. It is $27.50 and will walk you through all the important questions and concerns that you need to have considered and talked honestly about if you want to enter into a collaboration that is capable of making your big dreams come true.

You should be able to download the file immediately after your purchase, but if you have any troubles, let me know and I will send it to you manually.