Client Service Agreement

$264.00 inc GST

This complete DIY Pack allows you to work through the structured worksheet to create your own client service agreement that is fully tailored and custom made by you, for your own unique business.

Client Agreements are essential for any service provider, but you don’t always need a big one with all of the bells and whistles. This Client Service Agreement is best suited to low cost or short term client service work, where the client is not investing a lot of time or money in your services. It can also be a good choice for service providers who are in the start up phase, still clarifying what they offer and who are not ready to invest in a more specialised contract at this stage.

Please read and ensure that you understand the Terms of Purchase before proceeding.

Terms of Purchase

In your download you will receive:

– Full Terms of Purchase (as above)

– Comprehensive DIY Worksheet which you will use to prepare the information and policies you need

– Draft document with sample text and instructions for using the worksheet to create your own fully branded Agreement.