The Rhythm of Resilience: Staying Motivated in Times of Trouble

May 20, 2016

Everyone has low days, days when they feel like all their effort is getting them nowhere, when life seems to be all push and no flow. This is just a little message for you – and for me – to return to on those kind of days.

Don’t give up

Slow down, by all means. Get outside, take stock, reassess your alignment with your values and visions, work out what you need to re-energise yourself and then come back, stronger than ever. Your business needs you, we need you, the world needs you. Your message is part of the great change that is taking place.

Think about it!

We are riding the breaking edge of the wave – not just in technology but in leadership, ways of doing business, integrating understanding! No other generation of women our age has ever had access to this much information and connection on a global scale, this much acceptance of our determination to live our dreams, this much opportunity to make a difference!

We are so lucky to be here right now, clearing our shit, connecting our hearts and building a bright and beautiful future for our world! So when the doldrums strike, as they inevitably will, I pray that you return to centre, reconnect with the source of your power, and joyfully, lovingly, playfully, return to the dance!

How I can help

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. If you are looking for a supportive community of beautiful people dealing bravely with their boundaries and working out how to build a business that matters in the best way possible, I invite you to join my Business Serenity Facebook Group.

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