Shaadeh Khadembashy – Postpartum Doula

December 10, 2022

I really enjoyed having Michelle’s approach to people’s realities from a caring point of view. I appreciated her ability to see various possibilities of conflict within the original draft I created, and how to mitigate this and stay true to what I am hoping to achieve. It gave me a sense of confidence in what I am providing and I felt like I had someone invested in my business thriving.

My biggest worry was that I would not have much time to ask all of my questions in the complimentary Accountability Session, but I ended up in session with Michelle for the whole hour. I had my questions answered and more, as I found other elements of the template I needed her support with.

I want to recommend Michelle to you for her diligence and compassion when creating contracts. I got more out of our complimentary Accountability session than I had hoped for. Michelle is switched on and draws on the realness of client engagement with your business in mind. Especially in the doula world this approach is so invaluable.

I had many moments of doubt with the structure of my business related to the template, particularly refunding and payment plans, and after my session with Michelle I was able to rearrange elements to suit me and my business offerings. I would work with Michelle again.


Shaadeh Khadembashy

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