Speaking Engagements

Would you like me to appear as a guest on your podcast, interview series or as a guest speaker at your event? 
I can talk for hours about topics relevant to small businesses and entrepreneurs!

Provide me with a platform to spread my message and support your tribe with the kind of
practical, valuable information they will really appreciate.

I am also available to provide annual professional development presentations
online for your members, course participants or licensees,
and to appear in person at conferences and retreats.

Topics I love sharing with brilliant business owners include:

  • Best practice business ownership
  • Contracts that care
  • Intellectual property
  • Collaborating with confidence
  • Conflict with compassion
  • Resilient risk management
  • Bold boundaries, integrity & ethics
I don't charge for appearing as a guest speaker, although pay-what-you-feel is always very welcome.

If you would like to book me, or chat further about a speaking opportunity, I would love to hear from you!

Here are some of the places I have been featured:

Linda Morrison - Ageless Business

29 May 2023 - Professional development for Linda Morrison's Ageless Business membership, talking about best practice business foundations for coaches.

Julie Gibbons - Brandiwork

23 May 2023 - Chatting with the amazing Julie Gibbons about how to build a team that supports you to do your best work.

Amy Towle - The Temple of She

18 April 2023 - Yearly professional development, exploring legal needs and ethical considerations relevant to new yoni massage practitioners. Supporting Amy on her path to revolutionise an unregulated industry.

Tammy Guest - A Year of Living Dangerously

28 March 2023 - A beautiful exploration of danger, how it affects our life and our business, why we avoid dealing with it, and how to make risk management into an epic adventure.

Devotional Bodywork® Practitioner Training

21 March 2023 - Exploration of risk, contracts, intellectual property and integrity in an unregulated industry.

Karen Humphries - Work Wives

17 March 2023 - Discussion of the legal needs of femmepreneurs, starting with an exploration of how to build confidence and connection with a contract that cares, and going into practical detail about refunds and other obligations important to business owners with integrity.

Shannon Brown - BOW Academy

9 November 2022 - Speaking to members of the BOW Academy (Birth your Body of Work about how to confidently take ownership of their legals and ethically support their client relationships. Discussing everything from trade marks and intellectual property to the general legal needs of those in the coaching and healing sectors.

Gill Stannard - Naturopath Mentor

8 November 2022 - Discussing the need for Website Terms & Conditions.

Sam Gemmel - Health VA Collective

4 November 2022 - Interview for members on the legal considerations and concerns for virtual assistants working in the health space.

Amy Towle - The Temple of She

3 October 2022 - Yearly professional development, exploring legal needs and ethical considerations relevant to new yoni massage practitioners. Supporting Amy on her path to revolutionise an unregulated industry.

Darleen Redman - Single Boss Lady: Tuesday Talks

All about how important it is to unleash your creativity on your legals so they are imbued with your personality, rather than feeling like they are required to be devoid of soul.  We could have talked for so much longer! Click on the picture for the Youtube video.

Tuesday Talks with Darleen

Ricci-Jane Adams - Intuitive Intelligence® Institute

4 August 2022 - Yearly professional development for the Intuitive Intelligence Institute. Discussing intellectual property and ethics, and how taking responsibility for your legals is an essential element of being spiritually fierce.

Natasha Berta - Share Your Brilliance Summit

23 May 2022 - Presenting a seminar on Legals as an Act of Love.

Sigourney Weldon - Soma Mystica

19 April 2022 - Exploring the basics of setting up an ethical and enlightened business as a trauma informed somatic guide - what you need to have covered to safely and professionally work with your clients.

Sam Gemmell - Podcast

17 March 2022 - Demystifying the legal requirements for health practitioners and encouraging them to embrace contracts and legal documents as tools for holding healthy boundaries and supporting their clients.


25 November 2021 - Webinar presentation to the Australian Traditional Medicine Society on the legal needs of alternative medical practitioners.

Jessica Tutton - The Launch Club

8 October 2021 - Guest expert masterclass supporting Launch Club members to avoid overwhelm with clarity, certainty & consistency.

Chenae Carey - Intuitive Business Mastermind

1 September 2021 - Talking about contracts, intellectual property and the basic legal needs of start ups.

Sigourney Weldon - Wild Grace

24 August 2021 - Talking to enlightened, intuitive spiritual entrepreneurs about contracts as a sacred container, and the ethics of informed consent.

Amy Towle - The Temple of She

18 August 2021 - Exploring legal needs and ethical considerations relevant to new yoni massage practitioners. Supporting Amy on her path to revolutionise an unregulated industry.

Romina Cavagnola - Alchemy of Alignment Publishing

16 August 2021 - Talking intellectual property and copyright protection for self-publishing and solo authors.

Ricci-Jane Adams - Intuitive Intelligence® Institute

9 August 2021 - Discussing intellectual property and ethics, and how taking responsibility for your legals is an essential element of being spiritually fierce.

Natasha Berta - Connected Marketing Podcast

29 July 2021 - A chat with the always delightful Natasha Berta, the genius behind Connected Marketing... we talked about all the intellectual property things, and a bit about why we might get fearful when we think about our foundations, creating loving legals for the new paradigm of connected business, and how your legals support your boundaries.

Laura Elkaslassy - Profit First Professionals®

11 June 2021 - A chat with the Profit First Professionals membership in Australia, covering contracts, intellectual property and risk management.

Shahna Sarpi - Nutrition Grad Guide podcast

13 April 2021 - A great demonstration of just how much can be covered in a quick chat! We talked about:

  • The importance of legal foundations in business.
  • How I got into working with natural health professionals.
  • Detailed steps to take when starting up a business.
  • Things to consider when naming your business and building a website.
  • Setting clear boundaries and expectations for clients.
  • Why having confidence in your legal factors is important for business growth.
  • Behind the scenes of my business structure.
  • An insight into the packages and templates I offer.
  • Which contracts and agreements may be needed depending on the type of service being offered.
  • The right time to trademark a business name.
  • My advice behind copyrighting and sourcing images.
  • Understanding your responsibilities under the consumer law.
  • What to think about when developing a refund policy.
  • My thoughts around making marketing claims.
  • Being honest about risks, rights and disclaimers. 

Julia Jones - Newborn Mothers

4 March 2021 - Talking about the legal needs of doulas, and answering all of their questions about contracts, intellectual property and providing services with integrity during pregnancy and postpartum.

Tammy Guest - NatEx 2021 - Guest Speaker

17 February 2021 - Unfortunately NatEx went online due to Covid this year, but it was still a wonderful opportunity to connect with naturopaths and allied health professionals from around Australia. This year I spoke about the Slaying the Fear of Forms, and Creating Delightful Disclaimers.

Sigourney Weldon - The Dark Empire

28 August 2020 - Discussing the spiritual side of contracts and integrity in business with Sigourney Weldon's business mentoring membership.

Claire Riley - The Recovering Perfectionist Podcast

12 March 2020 - As Claire said: "we had no idea where the convo would go but it was BRILLIANT... we spent a lot of time dissecting BOUNDARIES (why you need them, what they entail and how they are critical that you know what they are so you can make decisions that serve you and your clients in a way that's aligned to your values)...

Ange de Lumiere - #highvibemonday Podcast

2 March 2020 - Ange and I have a rich discussion in this episode about what intellectual property is, why it is so important for entrepreneurs and how to see the bigger picture so we can make the right decisions to protect it. Intellectual property is possibly the biggest asset of online entrepreneurs and yet not many understand it. This episode will give you the goods without the jargon as well as entertain you. I promise. You will never again confuse trademarks, copyright and trade secrets.

Tammy Guest - NatEx2020 - Guest Speaker

15 February 2020 - So excited to have been invited back to the Natupreneur Experience for 2020. I spoke about Australian Consumer Law for Healers.

The Temple of She with Amy Towle

16 December 2019 - Going deep into legal needs, professional responsibility and best practice in relation to yoni massage for Amy's practitioner students.

Jodie Thornton - Parenting Coach

7 June 2019 - Discussing life & boundaries as a homeschooling, work-from-home lawyer, with parenting coach Jodie Thornton.

So Crisp Podcast with Jay Crisp Crow

9 April 2019 - Getting funky about Copyright with Copywriter, Jay Crisp Crow.

Listen to my So Crisp Podcast interview with Jay Crisp Crow

Tammy Guest - NatEx2019 - Guest Speaker

16 February 2019 - Speaking onstage about the risks of being a healer at the NatEx2019 conference.

Tammy Guest - The Natupreneur Movement

25 January 2019 - Tammy Guest and I discussing legals with love.

High Vibe Monday with Ange De Lumiere

22 October 2018 - Exploring the spiritual side of law with Ange De Lumiere.

Colabora Hub with Beatriz Guevara

21 April 2018 - Appearing as a guest expert in Beatriz Guevara's pilot program.

Tammy Guest - The Natupreneur Hub

21 March 2018 - Investigating the business legal needs of naturopaths with Tammy Guest.

Linda Bonney - Finding Your Groove

23 February 2018 - Sharing my evolution as a lawyer and mediator, and how I found my groove, with Linda Bonney.

Debbi Carberry - Relationship Coach

Talking all about professional responsibility in an interview with Debbi Carberry's Social Work practitioner group.

Emma Polette - The Body Love Summit

29 November 2017 - Discussing responsibility and forgiveness with Emma Polette at The Body Love Summit.

Kerry Schultz - If I could turn back time

10 November 2017 - Pondering life lessons as a guest on Kerry Schultz's summit.

Beatriz Guevara - Colabora

1 June 2017 - Sharing my ideas on Collaborating with Confidence with Beatriz Guevara and the folk at Colabora.

Renee Hasseldine - Leveraged & Loving It

29 May 2017 - Sharing my passion for intellectual property with Renée Hasseldine.

Teressa Fisk - Holistic Biz Lounge

22 May 2017 - Exploring the essentials for entrepreneurs with Teressa Fisk.

Avalon Darnesh Blossoming Woman Podcast

13 April 2017 - Chatting with fellow lawyer, Shalini Nandan, and wild creatress, Avalon Darnesh, about loving your business legals.

Jo Bendle's Productivity Party

My first ever online interview - with Jo Bendle - a lady who KNOWS how to get things done. Exploring how risk management can be interesting and fun!

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