Advice on a Contract

Helping you to understand what you are signing and negotiate a fair agreement.

Have you ever been faced with a contract that you need to sign and your eyes totally glaze over whenever you try to read it? (Obviously it wasn't one drafted by me LOL)... So often we just sign it and trust for the best - I know even I do that at times and I totally know better... but there are times when the contract is too important to leave its contents to chance. If you are in this situation, I can help by providing Advice on a Contract. You never again need to be afraid that you are signing away your first born child in exchange for a little man spinning a room full of straw into gold...

Helping you to understand your options and plan your next steps.

Maybe you have already signed the contract, but now it is no longer meeting your needs and you would like to end the relationship immediately. Times like this can get very messy and it is important to consider carefully before taking action. If you act hastily out of stress and fear, you risk digging yourself into the deep and expensive hole that is litigation. Instead, let's hit the pause button on those frantic emotions, take the time to consider what your contract actually says and calmly discuss all of the different responses that are available to you, so that you can make a fully informed decision about how to move forward as peacefully as possible.

Helping you to tweak an existing contract to bring it into alignment.

Let's get your contract working for you to the best of its ability. None of the bells and whistles, just straight to business. This session might be useful if an Update Your Legals session is not the right fit, or you just want 1:1 time to tear a contract apart and rebuild it with my advice and help with wording. You send me the document in advance, I share it on my screen during our Zoom call, and we rewrite it together. We can get a lot done in an hour! This works best if your document is written in plain English, in your own words, without a lot of legal jargon for me to translate - I am still happy to do that, but it takes longer. Where the document is not a great fit, it is often more efficient to start from scratch with a custom drafted document.

$440 AUD including GST for a 60 minute online call.


Here is what we do in a typical Advice on a Contract call:

Translate the legal jargon

The party of the first part is no longer a joke when you can't work out whether they mean you, them, or your neighbour's cat! We will dig into the difficult language to see exactly what is being said and, more importantly, how it affects your position.


Know your rights and obligations

It doesn't matter what you think you have agreed on in discussions - a contract generally overrides anything that has been said before. As a result, it is essential to understand what terms you are agreeing to be legally bound by. If you need to be released from or terminate a contract, understanding your rights and obligations is an essential first step to making an informed decision about your course of action.


Negotiate from a position of strength

Regardless of what the contract is for, you want to ensure that it is fair, and that is covers the issues that are most important to you. In our consultation, I will flag anything that is one-sided and point out potential problems that need clarification. Negotiations at the end of a contract can be particularly problematic, but conflict can often be avoided if you approach the negotiation with gentle determination. 


Maximise your chances of success

You are considering entering into this contract because it promises a mutually beneficial relationship. A contract that is clear and unambiguous will give you both the best opportunity to make the relationship work as you intend it to. If we are looking at ending the contract, I will explore the possibilities so you can increase your chances of a peaceful resolution. 

First, book in a 1 hour zoom session using the booking button below. Fill in the intake form and upload any relevant documents. 

I will read the contract in advance and go through it with a fine tooth comb.

On the call, I will answer all your questions, point out issues that you need to be aware of and make suggestions for points that you might want to negotiate before you sign or if we are updating a contract, edit it while you watch. 

$440 including GST.

(The price may be higher depending on the length and complexity of the contract, but if so I will advise you after I have seen the contract, and we will discuss all the options in our meeting before incurring any further costs.)


I will invoice you AFTER the session, when I know you are satisfied with my service.

Michelle reviewed a retainer contract for me. Her feedback and consultation gave me peace of mind and confidence that I was doing the right thing and had all my bases covered.

Rachel Alt

Lucid Writing Works

Michelle edited my client service contract for my newly established Marriage Celebrant business. She makes a real effort to ensure that her work is soft in tone to enhance the client relationship.

Amanda Schenk

Marriage Celebrant

You would have to go a very very long way to find a lawyer with the same breadth of knowledge, skills and insanely good value when it comes to working with people in the alternative health arena.

Ilka Oster & Jo Drennan

The Awakened Parent

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