Change is in the air -

a new connected paradigm of business, a new caring way of practising law.

Are you looking for a lawyer who understands your big business vision
and helps you protect it without all the scary red tape & legal mumbo jumbo?

I'm so glad you've found me. I'm Michelle Whitehead, the founder of Carefree Counsel.

I believe that legal support means we work together - from a heartspace of love and connection - to create firm foundations through wise management, grounded on best practice, so that your thriving business can continue to evolve into the empire of your dreams.

I work with businesses that don't fit in boxes: the change-makers, the rebels, the healers, the visionaries. 

You deserve to stand strong as the confident, empowered, compassionate business owner you are destined to be, 
and your clients deserve the clarity, certainty and consistency they get when you caringly communicate your beautiful boundaries.

That glorious dawn above is the view from my home office. I understand exactly what it means to build a business that supports the lifestyle you love, without sacrificing yourself, your integrity, or your relationship with your clients.

How can I help you?

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Contracts that Care™

Advice on a


Translating complex legal jargon, clearly explaining all of your rights & obligations, helping you negotiate from a position of strength. Also useful for tweaking & updating existing contracts.

Do it yourself

legal docs:

Simple, supported DIY legal document packs created from the heart of your business, using natural language that expresses your personality, completely tailored to the unique way that YOU work.

Done for you


Taking the stress out of creating easy to understand legal documents that help everyone feel confident, comfortable and protected no matter how complex the relationship.

Inspirational IP Advice

Due Diligence


Conducting all the searches necessary to make sure your business name is safe & available for use before you invest in building your brand. An essential step in business ownership.

Intellectual Property

strategy session:

Helping you make informed decisions by untangling the complexity of copyright, trade marks & licensing of trade secrets. Avoid problems & make the most of your IP assets.

Trade Mark


Your trade marks are how your clients recognise you by embodying your identity. Registering your trade mark can give you exclusive ownership of your business name or logo.

Best Practice Guidance

Serenity Connective


A mastermind membership for intelligent business owners who are tired of playing in the shadows & who want support to dive deep into integrity, ethics and best practice.

Castle Quest -

The Serenity Shift:

Explore the fearful shadows of your business & clear the dragons out of your caves. A unique blend of imaginative adventure & real world risk management that works to keep you, your business & your clients safe (without ever being boring).

Collaborate with Confidence consult:

Trust begins with mutual understanding. Before you begin working together, get clear on common legal issues and potential risks to set your collaboration up for success.

Conflict with Compassion consult:

Sensible, sensitive dispute resolution advice & online mediation of business disputes, preserving relationships & seeking win-win solutions.

Bold Boundaries


Online self-study curiosity courses helping you stop the stress cycle and give yourself the respect and confidence you deserve as a business owner.

Update Your Legals


Legal documents aren't "set & forget" - they need to evolve with your business. Join me for quarterly check-in sessions to keep your foundations solid.

Why work with me?

I am a solicitor and mediator with first class Honours degrees in English and in Law, and a Master of Laws with Honours majoring in Alternative Dispute Resolution. A high-achiever with excellent communication skills, an absolute commitment to ethical practice, and a proven talent for intuitive research and innovative problem solving. I am a storyteller, a poet, an imaginative bringer of brilliance, a mentor for creative professionals and professional creatives. I reverse engineer traditional business and legal knowledge to make it accessible, relevant and useful for business owners like you (and me)... who believe in operating from an energy of love, curiosity & connection rather than fear and avoidance. 

Bring me your doubts, fears and worries about your business, and I will support you to move from chaos to calm. 

If you have questions, I'd love to meet you for a free 30-minute chat.

Tamala Ridge

Intuitive Addictions Specialist

Gosh – I NEVER thought I would say that I actually LOVE a contract. But I actually do. This feels incredibly safe, nurturing, respectful and has so much integrity. Love Love Love It!

I adored working with Michelle. She has a very unique way of blending traditional legal work with the sacred, creating agreements which feel heartfelt and are based on client connection.

Sigourney Weldon

Esoterica Medica

Mel Hanley

Simple Wellness Myotherapy

Michelle made the MOST kind, caring contract that made sure that both myself and my subcontractors are well looked after and have clear boundaries and responsibilities.

Michelle possesses a wealth of knowledge and considers every possible variable. From the beginning, Michelle's support, compassion, thoroughness and attention to detail has made my life so easy!  

Ricci-Jane Adams

The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

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