Amy Nugent – Lightworker Academy

July 7, 2018

My biggest worry when I purchased the DIY legal pack was it being hard to fill in and that I would be confused. I did have some resistance in the beginning but when I sat down to do it was actually easy, and the co- working session was a great chance to clarify the final couple of things I was unsure about.

The pack was a total bargain and gave me the chance to inject more of my own heart, soul and values into my contract. Which was unexpected and really cool!

I now see the contract as a chance for my clients to get to know me better and understand deeply what they are signing up for. Its not scary or expensive, and it’s so worth doing. Also these DIY packs give you something really heart felt and personal.¬†Michelle is amazing, generous and heart centered. To me it felt just like talking to a really gorgeous healer. So the co-working session that comes with the DIY packs and the chance to ask your questions is priceless!

I’ll be seeing Michelle for all my legal needs in future. And recommending her to all my students.

Lightwork Academy

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