Marilou Combe – Orchestrate Consulting

May 29, 2017

I was concerned about high price.. however you were so well priced and provided massive value in setting up my contract.  I love that you offer several options and various price range for people to get their legals right. In my case, I had already written my contract but need it looked over. It was so affordable and felt like a big weight lifted off my shoulder having you look it over and make sure it all flowed easier.

I highly recommend Michelle. She is so heart centred and driven to help people with their legals. She offers massive value in her monthly webinars and is always there to help and support. Every negative thought one could have about lawyers is the polar opposite of what Michelle is. I adore her and totally trust her, which is rare for me to do with someone I had not met or worked with. I have watched her online blossom and be so supportive to many, some friends even. I am so grateful I have a lawyer I know I can go to when I need to.

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