Risk or Reward? How Facing Your Blind Spots Can Help Your Business Thrive

July 5, 2023

In the world of online business, the line between risk and reward often blurs. As a lawyer and risk management mentor, I’ve seen how the ability to face one’s blind spots can be the difference between a business that merely survives and one that truly thrives. This blog post aims to shed light on this critical aspect of business management, providing practical advice and tools to help you navigate the complex landscape of risk and reward.

Ignoring Potential Problems Doesn’t Make Them Go Away

In the realm of business, ignorance is far from bliss. A thorough understanding of your risk environment—the intricate web of relationships, regulations, and realities in which your business operates—can illuminate areas of uncertainty that could potentially have negative consequences. This understanding allows you to anticipate potential issues, plan for them, and mitigate their impact, thereby ensuring the sustainability of your business. Taking the time to consider what else is possible also empowers you to make strategic decisions, aligning your business operations with current economic conditions and potential changes to your market. Ultimately, being well-informed about your risk environment can give you a competitive advantage, setting your business apart in a crowded marketplace and ensuring that if trouble does come knocking, you are well-prepared.

Consider, for instance, a small business owner who underestimates the importance of cybersecurity. In an era where cybercrime is the fastest growing and most lucrative area of criminal activity, this oversight could lead to devastating consequences. Small businesses are often targeted due to their lack of effective security measures or knowledge about how to deal with threats, making them a prime target for cybercriminals. Instead of being overwhelmed by this threat, what happens if you educate yourself about best practice and invest in understanding and implementing effective security measures to turn this threat into an opportunity? By enhancing your cybersecurity practices, you not only protect your business and clients from potential threats but you also demonstrate a commitment to best practice that can set you apart in your industry. This proactive approach to cybersecurity could also open up new avenues for growth. For example, you might be able to leverage your robust security measures as a unique selling point, appealing to customers who value data privacy and security. In this way, what was once a potential threat can become a competitive advantage.

By identifying threats early, you can proactively manage risks, transforming them into opportunities to grow your business, improve safety, and fine-tune your commitment to best practice. This proactive approach allows you to make calm, conscious decisions rather than reacting from a place of panic when a crisis hits. It also fosters a culture of continuous improvement, where you are always looking for ways to enhance your business operations and stay ahead of potential risks. Over time, this approach builds resilience within your business, preparing it to withstand and bounce back from any challenges that may arise. It also helps to boost confidence, assuring you and those who depend on you of your business’s robustness and long-term viability.

Accentuate The Positive

Negative emotions – guilt, fear, shame – sap our energy. They make us want to hide, stay small, limit our exposure to danger. On the other hand, positive emotions – confidence, gratitude, love – give us an energy boost. They are uplifting, inspiring and strongly motivational. In order for our business to survive and thrive, we need to maximise our positive emotions. Cultivating more positive emotions makes it easier to maintain an optimistic outlook, enabling us to see challenges as opportunities rather than threats.
This shift in perspective can do more than just open up new avenues – it can fundamentally reshape the way we approach innovation and growth, driving our business forward with renewed vigour and purpose. As brilliant business owners, our positive actions have ripple effects, creating a vibrant ecosystem where everybody thrives, contributing to a business environment that is not only productive but also deeply supportive and fulfilling.

When we perceive risk as threatening, particularly when they are threats that we feel powerless to protect ourselves against. we increase our negative emotions. If we suppress our perception (“I just can’t bear to think about it; it’s too complicated; too scary; too much for me to deal with”) we integrate those negative emotions even deeper into our being. Every time we do this, we diminish our energy. Because we have been unable to face our fear of the threat, if it eventuates, we have no choice but to react from where we are at that moment – in that triggered, fearful adrenaline rush of fight, flight, freeze or fawn. Our primitive nervous system is in control, and our energy is confined to a short frantic burst that may or may not get us out of danger.

If we make a conscious decision to perceive risks as opportunities on the other hand, we are empowering ourselves to deal with them positively. Instead of suppressing our worries, we shine on them the light of love and gratitude and curiosity about what they have to teach is. This lifts us into an energetic space where our higher consciousness, our intuition, our power of reason, can function at its best to realistically contextualise the situation and suggest creative solutions. By realistically contextualise, I mean simply to see the big picture, to explore the risk from all angles, to assess the likelihood of its occurrence and the potential severity of its consequences. Undertaking this exploration is not confined to imagining the worst case scenario, although that may be a small part of it. It also involves imagining ways to transform the risk into something that can benefit us. Two of the most transformative questions we can ask ourselves when thinking about a risk is “What if there is no problem?” and “What else is possible?”

Improve Your Decision-Making

Psychological studies suggest that when someone is led to believe that they are not competent at making decisions, they are more likely to perceive risk as threats and shut down, confining themselves in their comfort zone, and staying small in order to stay safe. Unfortunately, this mindset tends to stifle innovation and limit the potential for growth, as the fear of making a wrong decision can prevent you from taking the necessary risks to advance your business.

Conversely, when someone is led to believe that they are competent at decision-making, they tend to associate risk with opportunity, to be more daring in the chances they take and the challenges they accept. As a result, they are more likely to grow, to expand, and to thrive in their chosen sphere of activity. This confidence in decision-making can lead to a more proactive approach to risk management, where risks are viewed as opportunities for learning, growth and improvement rather than threats to be avoided. This mindset can also foster a culture of resilience, where setbacks are seen as temporary hurdles rather than insurmountable obstacles.

The more informed, calm and conscious you are in your decision-making, the better you are able to protect your assets, maintain financial stability, cope with changes in technology, comply with regulation, serve your clients and build a strong reputation. Being informed means staying updated with the latest trends and developments in your industry, understanding the potential impact of these changes on your business, and adjusting your strategies accordingly. A calm and conscious approach to decision-making involves taking the time to consider all options, seeking advice when necessary, and making decisions that align with your business goals and values. This approach not only helps to protect your business in the short term, but also contributes to its long-term success and sustainability.

How I can help

Facing your blind spots and understanding your risk environment can be a game-changer for your business. It’s not about avoiding risk but about understanding it, managing it, and turning it into an opportunity for growth. If you’ve found this blog post helpful and are interested in delving deeper into the world of risk management, I invite you to join Castle Quest, my innovative, imaginative, and intuitive risk management program. It’s designed to help brilliant online business owners like you navigate the complex landscape of risk and reward, making your business more safe, sane, and sustainable.

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