Aerlie Wildy – Scaling & Systems Strategist

December 17, 2018

As a contract reader, I generally glaze over, or struggle to understand the horribly long sentences of a traditional contract, so had worried that my ‘hatched’ contract wasn’t quite cutting it, and wouldn’t actually protect me.
Well, after utilising Michelle’s DIY Service contract option, I’m now a proud owner of a beautiful service contract!

I can’t wait to send it to people, because it’s so me! I get to explain who I am, what I do, define the fuzzy words, and set boundaries with clarity, confidence and care.

I loved that I could answer the questions myself, and have Michelle check in on me, and show me how to create a document that  protects me and my clients. 
It was a much easier process than I ever anticipated, and now can send out my services into the world, confident that I have a contract to back me up.
Michelle, thanks for having the courage to create something different that easy for my clients to understand, that I can trust.

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