Cathy Williams – Life Consultant for People 65+

April 13, 2021

Michelle Whitehead offers a truly amazing and unique experience in the legal world. I found myself stuck as to how to approach my legal needs and Michelle was recommended to me through another business person. I looked up her webpage and knew instantly that she was the person I needed to engage with. She came across very human, professional and engaging.  I scheduled a zoom consult as soon as I could. My biggest worry for the consult was that I wouldn’t have an understanding of what Michelle and I were talking about, I was so wrong. Michelle speaks in plain English. The consultation was easy and engaging, it was not like sitting in the office of a legal practitioner. I had some questions written down and Michelle gave me the opportunity to ask them which I really appreciated.

I loved that Michelle offers her service online. Taking out the need to travel is so handy. I loved our zoom catchup; the link was great and the communication clear. The thing I loved the most about Michelle’s service is the DIY Packs, they are absolutely  brilliant. I had a good grasp of my Terms and Conditions and I was able to follow the bouncy ball and create the document I needed, it was super easy. I wasn’t so sure about my Privacy document, however, Michelle’s DIY Pack made it a walk in the park. Everything I needed was there, I just had to personalise it and make it my own to reflect my business. 

I would and have already recommended Michelle to many businesspeople that I know. Her service is so professional, yet easy and straightforward. It allowed me to create my documents with ease. It is also extremely cost effective. Michelle is a genuine person who is passionate about her business and comes across as a real person ready to help.

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