Karla Rawles – Balanced Whole

March 18, 2019

When I first started working with Michelle, I was concerned about how long the process would take and whether I would be able to write the required sections of the DIY packs. I was also concerned whether they would be ‘as good as’ something written for me by a lawyer.

I did spend a lot of time on each of the DIY packs I purchased (at least one full day each, plus a healthy amount of procrastination), but it was all  completely doable for me when I set my mind to it. I had to spend time really thinking about my business and all the various scenarios which could happen to help me shape my client service agreement and website terms. However, this was an invaluable process in the early days of my business.

I like that I can change the legal documents at any time independently, without incurring more costs. I love how Michelle encourages the use of your own words so it sounds like a human has written the document. This helped me write everything from the heart and I hope it also results in the documents being far more readable for my clients. I liked how there were lots of small questions and answers to help build the DIY pack – this assisted me in working through and not becoming overwhelmed with it all. I also liked the suggested wording Michelle provided as this was a great starting point for me to expand upon. I loved the accountability session offered by Michelle – this was great motivation to get the documents done and Michelle was very helpful answering my questions.

The DIY legal packs are great value and an excellent way of getting your legals sorted with minimal hassle. The process encourages you to write the content of the legal documents in your own words instead of using generic legal jargon, so while it takes some time and effort, you have a unique document which is aligned with your brand. The other bonus of crafting your legals yourself is that you become really familiar with the content and therefore if something changes or if you need to implement the conditions in a situation, you know exactly where to reference the information. I also found the DIY packs relevant to my profession as a Naturopath, which greatly helped the process of writing them.

I would have loved the budget to pay for Michelle to check through my documents, to make sure I’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed the t’s. But due to the structure of the packs I’m fairly confident I’ve covered the main points quite well. I will review my legals every three months to ensure they are valid and maybe seek Michelle’s assistance in the future when my business expands.

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