Tracey Gillis-Sinclair – Glorious You

October 26, 2021

My biggest worry about using Michelle’s DIY Pack was that it would be too over my head, but the accountability action session helped me get it over the line. 

I love how Michelle’s services have options, The way she interacted with me, from the get go (email to let me know what I had purchased and how to go about completing it, reminders, etc) and the accountability session was what I loved so much, it took the overwhelm out of the process for me and felt like she was in my court the whole time. 

I have already referred Michelle to my friends. I’ve said, “you must check out this amazing soul I have met, who is a lawyer and is now supporting people in business like ours to get their legals sorted.

Thank you ever so much Michelle, your work is incredible. I am so glad I found you. I feel confident as a business owner now because of the services you offer.

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