Tracey McLean – Herbalist & Naturopath

April 3, 2020

I purchased Michelle’s DIY terms & conditions pack for my business website. 

When I finally got around to attending to the legals for my website I found that all the online templates for T&C’s seemed to be lacking and not specific enough for the needs of my business. Due to the nature of my business offering health based information I wanted to be sure I had an adequate medical disclaimer.

This eventually led me to Michelle and her DIY packs. Initially I was worried that it would be a very time consuming and laborious task to complete. However to my surprise I actually found I enjoyed the process! It felt very affirming in the sense that I was creating boundaries and the foundations for my business. I chose to get stuck into it and complete it straight away. It found that it didn’t take as long and was much easier than I had imagined.

I love that I now have the confidence to determine my own terms and conditions and to change them over time according to the needs of my business. I found Michelle to be very down to earth and approachable. The online accountability session that came as part of the pack was very reassuring. It helped me to know that I was on the right track and had all my bases covered.

Overall I highly recommend Michelle’s DIY packs and next up will be completing her Privacy Policy pack to replace the template style policy I had previously used. Thank you Michelle, for using your expertise to create such an accessible and down to earth product that ensures the legal aspects of doing business online are covered.

I will definitely be contacting Michelle in the future for any assistance I may require with the legal aspects of my business!

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