Mya Joseph – Sagacity Rising

April 22, 2019

I am the type of person who overthinks the crap out of everything, so when it came to doing my legals I knew I needed to find someone to do the work for me else be lost in all the legal jargon that made no sense to me or somehow sell my soul without my knowledge. I am NOT fluent in Lawyer and don’t aspire to be. That is where Michelle came in. Not only is she fun to work with, she actually enjoys and is passionate about legal stuff?? Win for me! Due to her passion, and desire to make legals palatable I knew I could trust her to make sure that it was done right and that I and anyone I work with was protected fairly with complete transparency and clarity.

I bought the DIY packages that are super user friendly and helpful in creating your own documents, however in my instance I was just struggling to find the time to complete, so upgraded to get further support to finish them off. I also engaged Michelle to write a sub-contractor agreement for me which I absolutely love.

If you are struggling with your legals, do yourself and your business a favour and get Michelle on your team. You won’t regret it!

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